The Start – San Francisco

August 13, 2010

I’m 43 and ready for a road trip. My dog is 3 and ready for a road trip.

Timing is everything.

So we’re going to drive around the country.

  • The route: Up to Montana, over to Northern Michigan, down-right to Washington D.C., down-left to Texas, back to San Francisco.
  • The car: 2006 Mini Cooper, solid white, basic model.
  • The companion: Kettle, a 90 pound Shepherd/Rotti mix. Mellow, easy-going, and likes car rides.
  • The cargo: Camping gear, clothes, dog-related stuff, a cooler, and a laptop. The camping gear is crammed into the small space behind the back seat, and the rest is piled in the passenger seat. A foam dog pad takes up the whole back seat, and Kettle takes up the whole pad.
  • The impetus: Eddie and Brenda (see “The Crew of the Avalon” on are having a bunch of people over to their house in Northern Michigan during the last week of August. I’m going to join them, then visit friends in D.C. and Texas.
  • The time-frame: My plan is to just drive a few hours a day. This way the driving is more pleasure than chore. And I’ll have time to both see sights and do some work as I go. I’m thinking the trip will take about 6-8 weeks.

I will be alone for a long time, so in order to keep from talking to myself too much, I plan to talk to you as well. I hope that’s okay.

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