Winnemucca – Nevada

August 15, 2010

Aside from it’s name, Winnemucca doesn’t have much going for it.

But I’m probably not the best judge, since my short time there was spent almost entirely in the motel room beating my head against a wall.

I had taken two great pictures in Reno: one of Kevin and his girls (the girls are SO cute), and one of the two poodles in rainbow attire (more noteworthy than cute). I really wanted to show them to you.

But I suffered technical difficulties. I had taken the pictures on my iPhone. The old iPhone. The old iPhone that I failed to sync with iTunes before I purchased the new iPhone. And purchasing the new iPhone meant deactivating the old iPhone, then updating the new iPhone by syncing it with iTunes. Which is why I really should have synced my old iPhone with iTunes before switching to the new one. As hard as I tried, and tried, and tried, I could not get the new photos off the old, deactivated phone.

And my day had started so well in Reno.

Okay, I’ll say it … things went a muck in Winnemucca.

3 Responses to “Winnemucca – Nevada”

  1. Dean Grason Says:

    Have you tried using “bump” or other type of app to move between phones? Of course I am no techspert.

  2. masterleep Says:

    Can you use Wifi to mail the photo from the old iphone to your email address?

  3. Alex Beltramo Says:

    The wifi on the phone doesn’t work now that it’s deactivated.

    I haven’t tried to install an app, but if that still works, I’ll try Bump.

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