Idaho Falls – Idaho

August 17, 2010

The road to Idaho Falls was a good one.

At one point we pulled over to admire a vista and to stretch our 6 legs. I was about to let Kettle back into the car, but instead he walked to the back of the Mini and laid down in the car’s shade. I joined him, sitting against the back bumper, and we watched the cars drive by.

It was nice change of pace. It’s good to listen to your dog.

The big treat, though, was visiting the Craters of the Moon which, in the words of President Calvin Coolidge, is “a weird and scenic landscape peculiar to itself.”

What does “peculiar to itself” mean exactly? Peculiarly peculiar?

It’s indeed a weird, scenic, and peculiarly peculiar place. It was formed by lava flowing up from a long fissure, creating vast fields of lava rocks. If you ever wanted to climb a volcano without having to climb a volcano, this is the place for you.

My hope was that I could get a picture of Kettle pooping in a the Craters of the Moon, so that I could say something to that effect in the caption, but it didn’t happen.

Our brief stay in the Idaho Falls Motel 6 was quite pleasant. Charlie Rose was on the TV, and I made a salad from the the Boise Co-Op bounty. The faucet in the sink produced barely any water – so I washed the lettuce in the shower.

Before leaving the next day, Kettle and I paid a quick visit to the falls of Idaho Falls. Kettle didn’t go in the water, but this time I didn’t blame him.

Tonto and Silver

Watching cars

Where did you take me?

One small step

One small step ...

Seriously, where would I go?

Peculiar to itself

It Didn't Happen

The Lone Mini

Leaving the Craters. Heading for the Falls.

Quick rinse

Power wash

Power wash

Dinner at Chez Motel

Ho Hum

No thanks.

4 Responses to “Idaho Falls – Idaho”

  1. This is so awesome dude. Love it! You’re making us want to do this! 🙂

  2. Patty Hyde Says:

    You are getting closer to Michigan! Have a great trip and see you in the UP. We have alot of fun stuff planned when you get here.

  3. Alex Beltramo Says:

    I’m about to start heading the wrong direction, but don’t worry, I’ll get there!

    (Well, maybe worry a little.)


  4. Roberta Peters Says:


    You need to write a book, then it will become a wonderful ” feel good” movie.
    Your blog makes everyone’s day brighter and
    keeps us smiling!



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