Jackson Hole – Wyoming

August 18, 2010

I had three good intentions going into this trip:

– Drive slowly
– Feed myself
– Camp

I’ve been doing quite well on the first two. But as you know, the camping thing hasn’t happened.

I was thinking that near Jackson Hole, on the way to Yellowstone, would be a good time to start camping. But a good reason came up as to why I didn’t.

I had a date.

A mutual friend set us up. She was driving across the country, coming back to San Francisco after spending the summer back east. Our paths were crossing on the evening of August 17th, in Jackson Hole.

We had a very nice dinner at, of all places, the Rendez-Vous Bistro.

Going into it, I had a traveler’s inferiority complex because she’s been driving twice as much as me each day and her blog posts have been twice as long. Even worse, I was 30 minutes late because I messed up the navigation on my iPhone and was trying to find a dot located on the wrong side of town.

It’s amazing I’ve made it this far. (Less amazing that I’m still single.)

Anyway, aside from that dinner, I can’t say I’m a big fan of Jackson Hole. It’s more like a fancy Frontierland than a real place. Of course I chose to stay at the Pony Express motel, so I’m not exactly helping.

The landscape is remarkable, though. I had never known why it was called “Hole”, but when you’re there, you do have the sensation of being in a hole surrounded by mountains.

I will end by pointing out that taking pictures was not initially one of my good intentions. It is now, but I haven’t completely gotten used to it.

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