Yellowstone Park – Wyoming

August 19, 2010

Yellowstone. The perfect place to camp.

But I had a good reason not to camp.

Thunderstorms were predicted that night.

I’m not much of a camper. In fact I’ve never camped by myself. And as far as I know, Kettle has never camped at all.

I didn’t want my dog’s first camping experience to be getting soaked because my improperly set-up tent blew over in the rain. It could sour Kettle’s taste for camping for years. So I booked a motel in Bozeman, Montana, northwest of the park – faithful that we would make it through.

Making it through the park was quite a treat. (Parks, I should say, because we went through Grand Teton as well). We did what everyone else does – drive, park, look, repeat. The difference between me and the others was that I was more concerned about photographing my dog than the landscape.

Question: To get a picture of your dog next to a wild animal, is it worth risking that your dog pulls you down a 100′ ravine because he decides to chase the chipmunk?

Fortunately Kettle showed more restraint than I did.

Anyway, the variety of stuff in Yellowstone was incredible: rivers that Kettle wouldn’t go in, water falls, lily pad ponds, geysers, and an amazing canyon.

The only disconcerting part was Old Faithful. Not Old Faithful herself, but the fact that there is a cafeteria the size of an air hangar and a parking lot that probably can be seen from space. (I may just be bitter because we got there right after it went off, so we had to wait there for 90 minutes.)

Oh, and let it be known that at 3:20 pm, August 18th, Kettle and I crossed the Ontinental Divide.

So we didn’t camp in Yellowstone, but we did eat there. On the way out of the park it was getting late, so I pulled off at one of the vista turn-outs and made a salad on the Mini.

Two and a half hours of driving in the dark later, we finally got to the Royal 7 Budget Motel (they probably added the “Budget” part later because I’m sure it was nice 60 years ago), and we spent the night.

No, it never rained.

The Teton Range behind some dog.

Check out this grass.

You can lead a dog to water, but ...

Kettle looking for a prince.

Continental Divide

It's all downhill from here.

Why do you keep looking at that thing?

Staring Contest

Kettle wins!

Dinner at Chez Yogi et Boo Boo.

One Response to “Yellowstone Park – Wyoming”

  1. At first I was, WTH is the Ontinental Divide? That must’ve been a typo. Then I got it … Thanks for the fun pix too!

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