Sheridan – Wyoming

August 22, 2010

Next stop: Billings, Montana.

For lunch, anyway.

Requirement: a table (for my laptop and the food) outside (for Kettle) in the shade (it was about 100 degrees).

The requirement proved to be difficult to meet, but I eventually found a nice market with a deli and picnic tables outside – in the shade, barely. I ordered a turkey sandwich and blogged as fast as I could … time was running out fast because the shade was running out fast.

I lost the shade before I could finish my post but was able to take my laptop to a bench along the wall, which bought me just enough time to finish.

Exciting stuff.

When I went to the car, I found that another white Mini had parked next to mine. In San Francisco, I wouldn’t think twice about such an occurrence. But on this trip I had not seen another Mini, any Mini, since Reno. So I took a picture.

My other task during lunch was to pick our next destination. I chose a KOA Kampground in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Yes, Wyoming again.

But there was still one last stop in Montana: the Little Bighorn Battlefield (you know: Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and Custer’s Last Stand). There were real horses roaming around the battlefield – a nice touch.

Okay, now back to Wyoming.

The KOA campground was the best of both worlds: the low impact of camping with the convenience of a toilets and showers. But next time I’m not choosing a campground located right on the highway. I have enough trouble sleeping in a tent without a truck going by every few minutes.

The place was pretty full, mostly with RV’s, but with a few tent campers as well. Two nice ladies from Maine were in the tent next to me, about 50′ away.

Kettle slept outside, secured to his long 25′ dog leash. To facilitate tying off the leash, I have a 4′ cable with a loop on one end and a clasp on the other.  I run the cable through the loop in the leash, then tie the cable around the tree. This way the leash is secured to the cable which is secured to the tree.

It’s a very simple process, but, if you do it in the dark, I suppose it’s possible to do something wrong.

Some time in the middle of the night, after one of the trucks woke me up, I decided to go out and pee and see if Kettle wanted to do the same. I went to the tree to find the leash so I could follow it to wherever Kettle might be.

The cable was securely around the tree, but the leash was not there. Nor Kettle.

Nor my stomach.

I scanned the area. There was just enough light to see  the tent of the two nice ladies from Maine.

Kettle was lying outside their tent, looking at me, wagging his tail.

“Heya. Nice to see you.” he seemed to saying.

You too, Kettle.

The next morning, one of the ladies said that when she stepped out of her tent that night, she was quite happy to see my dog there guarding them.

Now I can now relate to a parent who tells her child, “You did the right thing, but never do that again!”

Another town, another market.

Office Dog

Mini's Love Company

Driving Tour

Historic horses

Crazy horse.

We're back.

Camp site at Sheridan, KOA


2 Responses to “Sheridan – Wyoming”

  1. Debbie Says:

    How much are you using your instincts, or friendly locals, to find your markets and such? As opposed to, say, your iPhone or laptop?

  2. Alex Beltramo Says:

    Good question! My iPhone hasn’t had a connection since Boise.

    In Boise, I asked a local.
    In Bozeman, I had driven by it on the way to go fishing.
    And in Billings, I found it while driving around the downtown looking for a restaurant.

    What’s with all these B cities, anyway?

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