Midland – South Dakota

August 24, 2010


Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse monument (in progress), and the Badlands.

All very good.

But about Kettle …

The dehydration scare has subsided, and he has most of his energy back. But he’s still very irregular, and he’s eating and drinking about a third of his usual.

So after a quick stop at Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore, we drove into Rapid City, found a Hunan restaurant, ordered sizzling rice soup and a large steamed rice, and went across the street to the park. I blogged while Kettle stared at his soup/rice/water mixture. He finally ate it.

We then did the Badlands.

We then hurled ourself deep into South Dakota, ending up at a KOA  campground in a town called Midland.

The site was a half mile from the highway, there was lots of grass, it was surrounded by fields, and it was along side a wide irrigation canal. The campground did not have a fence, so you could walk endlessly out into the fields. The smell and general feel of the place reminded me of the duck club that my dad belongs to in Los Banos, where I occasionally attempt to hunt with my dad or my friend Tom.

The duck club, though, doesn’t have a Doggy Heaven play area.

It got cold that night. Kettle still didn’t want to go in the tent, so he stayed outside wearing his coat. (I didn’t think putting him in the car would be a good idea with his current “issues”.)

I woke up in the middle of the night and peeked out the tent. Kettle immediately stuck his nose in and let me know that he needed to GO! I didn’t take the time to get dressed, just threw on my tongs. Kettle proceeded to haul me to the edge of the camp site.

That was fine, but then he kept going.

With his current condition, he has a lot of trouble deciding where to go. He was moving fast, with his nose to the ground, so he clearly had to go bad. But for some reason he felt like he should be as far away from the camp as possible.

I can respect that.

But I was cold!

I was wearing tongs, boxer shorts, and a long sleeve shirt. My feet were wet from the dew. And I was in the dark somewhere in South Dakota being dragged by my dog to some other part of South Dakota.

Hopefully not towards an irrigation canal.

I finally forced him to stop and turn around, at which point he picked a spot and went.

The result, once again, was disappointing.

For me, anyway. Kettle seemed happy with the placement.

No, we can't get closer - they won't let you on the bus.

A ways to go yet.


Sculptor - Tourist

Eat it.

Where'd you take me again?

Pretty cool, though.

Looking good in the Badlands.

I'm ready to go now.

No pooping zone


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