Blue Mounds State Park – Minnesota

August 25, 2010

The city of Sioux Falls is on the eastern edge of South Dakota.

We went there for Japanese food.

Chicken Udon soup and steamed rice. I gave Kettle the rice, the broth, and half the chicken. He was still a bit tentative, but he ate it without much fuss. He seemed to like it.

We then visited the falls of Sioux Falls. Quite nice. I recommend visiting them. If you’re ever in Sioux Falls.

Minnesota was next. Not far into the state I saw a sign for Blue Mounds State Park. I had no idea what it was, but they had camping, and it was about to get dark, so we veered off.

Now that I’ve been there, I can tell you about it.

Let me rephrase that. Now that I’ve been there, and picked up a brochure, I can tell you about it:

“The park’s approximately 1,500 acres of prairie and grassland preserves a wide array of rare and common plants and wildlife. A small bison herd grazes peacefully on a portion of this praire. Most of the park’s prairie sits atop a mssive outcrop of rock known as Sioux quartzite.”

Our camp site was nice. We were close to a river and the bison range.

That night Kettle got his appetite back. He ate a healthy portion of dog food, his first non soup/rice meal in 3 days.

The next morning we went for a short walk on which Kettle met two new forms of life:

The Buffalo and The Frog.

The frog came first. We were walking through high grass when I saw Kettle lunging at something. It was a frog jumping around, and Kettle was going after it like it was a ball. The frog then decided to freeze. I was thinking this was a bad idea, as Kettle was staring at it from two inches away, but Kettle then lost interest and moved on. Smart frog.

We then went to the bison range. From the fence we saw the herd about 200 yards out. I wondered, “What are the odds of them coming this way?”  Then they all (close to a 100 of them) started coming this way.


It was a bit intimidating. But when they were about 50 yards away they hung a left, and I noticed that they were being called in for something (breakfast?) by a bisonboy who was letting them into a different area through a gate.

It was like they did the whole thing for just Kettle and me.

We like Minnesota.

But we can’t stay long. The gang has already arrived at Brenda and Eddie’s (the Breddies) in Northern Michigan. So Kettle and I have got to keep moving – we’re late!

Stopping to smell the corn

Missouri River

A different angle

Sioux Falls 1

Sioux Falls 2

River near camp

Bison Herd

Bison going by

2 Responses to “Blue Mounds State Park – Minnesota”

  1. Bill L Says:

    I think that this blog should be called “Following Kettle”.

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