Trout Lake – Michigan

August 27, 2010

Wausau has a wonderful downtown. There was some sort of festival going on, so there were lots of people and kids. Kettle got much attention. Everyone was super friendly. And the weather was perfect.

We found another great market where we plopped ourselves for lunch and blogging.

On the walk back to the car, something very important happened. Kettle pooped a healthy poop.

I was happy. But Kettle was ecstatic. He was jumping and running around in celebration.

I’d like officially recognize that moment as the conclusion of the first phase of our journey.

The 6 hour drive from Wausau to Trout Lake was fabulous. It was all backcountry roads. We were behind schedule, so I didn’t stop to take a picture of the sign that said: “Welcome to Nutterville.”

Trout Lake is a remote town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My iPhone GPS got me to the town, but failed miserably in getting me to the house. So I went the local bar in town, called, and they came to get me.

“They” meant: Eddie & Brenda and their daughter Desaree and their friend Patti, Mike & Sara and their son JoJo, Sara’s brother Joe, and my brother John. They all pulled up in a mini-van.

Hooting and hollering and cheering my name.

Which kinda freaked out Kettle.

Apparently they had just spent quite a bit of time at the very bar where I was waiting. But not with me, so we all went back inside for a drink.

After a quick stop at another friend’s, we went home to the Breddie’s, located right on the lake. Eddie and Joe cooked pork tenderloins over the fire-pit on the beach, and we had dinner at 2am.

Kettle loves it here. He runs and jumps around in the big, sloping yard. The yard goes right to the lake, so it’s a perfect opportunity for him to swim. We’ll see.

I think the next few days will require my complete attention. And connecting to the Internet here is quite difficult. So I may not post for a while. But I’ll catch everyone up once we’re back on the road!

Wausau market

One Response to “Trout Lake – Michigan”

  1. So happy for the healthy poop! Great joy to read about your adventures. Say hi to everyone. 🙂

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