Sudbury – Canada

September 6, 2010

Sudbury. It’s a mining town.

For most of the 20th century, Sudbury produced 90% of the world’s nickel. Because nickel is used to make stainless steel, Sudbury was critical for the West’s war efforts and for the subsequent boom in stainless steel stuff.

Question: for what items has the most stainless steel been used?

Hint: they are often not included with everything else.

But let me back up.

I quite enjoyed my drive from the Soo to Sudbury. I was in a good mood to start with, and it only helped when I ran across a store the size of Walmart that specialized in Italian Sausage. Further down the road we stopped to run around on a Lake Huron beach and walk through a quaint town called Thessalon.

We stayed at a motel in Sudbury, and the next morning I did what any self-respecting Sudsbury tourist would do …

I went into a mine.

A place called Dynamic Earth conducts a tour down in a real mine where they show how mining has been done from 100 years ago until now.

It was pretty interesting.

The answer is kitchen sinks.

Wasn't expecting this

Like a Panther, Kettle is.

We’ve been tailed!
He doesn’t like water, but loves bridges and docks.

My fellow miners

Miner Me

One of the world's only underground mailboxes.

This got rolled around the mine.

The Big Nickel

2 Responses to “Sudbury – Canada”

  1. Jason Says:

    The mobile toilet was interesting seeing. Miners would carry with them a length of chain and toss it under a wheel so it couldn’t roll or be moved if a mine cart hit it while they were using it. And from that is where we get the saying “Don’t yank my chain” since they would call that out while occupied. This toilet history brought to you by the letter eewww.

    • Alex Beltramo Says:

      Thats really interesting, Jason. But I’m not sure whether to believe you.

      You’re not yanking my chain are you?

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