Quebec City – Canada

September 10, 2010

Tarte de Lapin.

Or Rabbit Pot Pie.

That’s what I had for lunch when I arrived in Quebec. After lunch I went to a cafe, blogged, and found a motel online that would accept Kettle. I also found an evening yoga class.

The motel was on the outskirts of town. I would have plenty of time to get there, then drive back downtown for the class.

But it was rush hour, it was raining, and there was road construction going on all over the place. (If Canada had a stimulus package, half of it must have gone to roadwork in Quebec City.) So by the time I got to the motel, I had little time to spare.

I like to take yoga classes while traveling for three main reasons:

1. It’s how I workout.

2. It’s possible, however unlikely, that I’ll meet one of the women I’m contorting myself with.

3. It’s something that locals, rather than tourists, do.

I was feeling like feeling like a local. So we jumped in the car and back on the freeway.

The Quebec City freeways are difficult. They all have multiple numbers and there are interchanges everywhere. There was road construction and detours, it was dark, and I was trying to navigate myself with my iPhone. It was pretty darn challenging. But I was on top of my game. I was making the correct last second freeway lane choices, and when I didn’t, I recovered quickly.

And the radio was playing some great songs. I was fired up.

When I got to the correct neighborhood, I found that they were doing roadwork all around the studio, and they had torn out the pavement. There was a sign that said “Local Traffic Only.”

No problem, that’s me – I’m going to my yoga class. So I drove past the sign and parked right around the corner from the studio. I had just enough time to quickly walk Kettle, and I got the there with 5 minutes to spare.

There are times, not often, when I do things well.

There was no yoga class.

The studio was closed for the summer. The schedule on the web site was for the fall season which wouldn’t be starting until the following week.

So this was not one of those times.

No longer a local, I went to the walled Vieux-Quebec and walked around with Kettle and the other tourists. The walk was beautiful, of course, and the Chateau Frontenac Hotel was stunning. We probably should have just done this in the first place.

Back at the motel, I almost went to bed, but the adjacent bar was playing really loud music, so I went to investigate. I spent the next hour watching French Canadian men singing Karaoke.

Those crazy locals.

My view with le Tarte de Lapin

Chateau Frontenac and a possessed dog

Wall around Vieux-Quebec

Quebec City Parliament Building

One Response to “Quebec City – Canada”

  1. Deb Says:

    Arrrggghhhhh! The missing yoga class would have slayed me! Nice recovery.

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