Burlington – Vermont

September 12, 2010

When I told Steve that I was planning on going to Montreal, he said I must bring them something French.

As I crossed the border leaving Canada, 3 things happened in quick succession:

1. I realized that I had failed to buy anything French for Steve and Diane.

2. I realized that I still had Canadian money left that I had failed to spend.

3. I realized that there was a duty free shop on my left that I was about to drive right by if I failed to act fast.

I succeeded in acting fast, and went in the shop.

I bought some maple syrup with my remaining 10 Canadian bucks.

Not exactly French. Not exactly thoughtful or generous. But at least I’m owning up to my less than prouder moments.

We entered New York and hung a quick left, which immediately put us in Vermont.

Vermont was like a New England theme park. Everything was pristine and perfect. Fancy people were biking, boating, lunching, and walking amid idyllic scenery.

I found myself worrying about where Kettle would poop.

Our destination was Burlington – the smallest American city that is a state capital.

Burlington’s downtown shopping street is called Church Street. The buildings are old (in a good way). The shops are interesting. The street is wide. And at the end of the street is a beautiful church.

If I had walked down Church St. on a normal day, I would have said, “This would be a great place for a street fair!”

But it must not have been a normal day, because I instead said, “Hey, there’s a street fair!”

People were everywhere.

Adding to the local charm, there was a summer-long art festival featuring art-cows, pieces of art the size and shape of cows, stationed along the street. The name of the festival is “The Cows Come Home To Burlington.”

Okay, then.

That night, Church Street was once again full of people. The University of Vermont, just up the street, was back in session and all the kids were out enjoying their first Saturday night.

I went to a bar where I sat outside, had a local beer, and listened to a good band. (Or maybe it was a good beer and a local band … it was some combination of those.)

But instead of going back to my dorm, I went back to my tent.

Yes, Kettle and I finally camped again. Weather didn’t permit it the entire time we were in Canada, but our vacation from camping finally came to an end, and we stayed at a campground just outside of town.

Kettle wasn’t too happy about it. He prefers motels.

It's nice here.

Finally posing at an antique shop for mom

A street fair!

I feel like I'm being watched.

But can you do this?

You can't take me here and not give me ice cream.

I'm done with the cows.

One Response to “Burlington – Vermont”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Maybe when you come to Houston we’ll take you to see the painted horses. Or maybe not. Cows were probably sufficient.

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