Portland – Maine

September 13, 2010

From Burlington, we drove east across Vermont, then across New Hampshire, and into to Portland, Maine.

It was a spectacular drive, featuring beautiful landscapes, cool old towns, and a delightful vanilla milkshake.

In Portland, we checked into a motel, then drove downtown and ate at a brewpub called Gritty’s. I had Blackened Haddock (the local fish that’s not lobster).

That’s it for today.

But there’s something else I should tell you about. It happened a couple days prior, in Montreal.

During the 20 minutes that Kettle and I were exploring Montreal’s Mont Royal park, someone broke into the Mini and stole my laptop.

It was my fault. I forgot to cover up the laptop, and so it was slightly visible. Due to my carelessness, I came back to a car that had neither my computer, nor a back side window.

While I cleaned up broken glass, Kettle happily lay on the sidewalk watching. He was not at all bothered by the situation, which helped me keep some perspective. They say dogs help reduce high blood pressure … this was a perfect example.

I went to the nearby Apple Store and bought a new MacBook Pro. There was also a Mini dealership in Montreal, but it was late Friday afternoon and the service department was closed till Monday – so the window would have to wait.

From Montreal to Burlington, having Kettle’s window “open” wasn’t a problem. But when I left Burlington, it was about to rain, so I took out my tent cover and wrapped it around the window, securing it by closing the hatchback and passenger doors onto each end. It worked pretty well.

By the time I was in New Hampshire, I was starting to feel better about the whole ordeal.

So I treated myself to a milkshake.

Vermont State Capital in Montpelier

Street in Montpelier

Bridge in Montpelier

Store in Montpelier

The Road to Maine

Looking for a bridge

Conway, New Hampshire

One Response to “Portland – Maine”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Grrr. Who would break into a Mini??? But good going on the milkshake.

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