Boston – Massachusetts

September 14, 2010

I started the day by doing triangles with a dozen older ladies and one older gentleman.

It was a Iyengar yoga class, where you do fewer poses but do them longer. In this case, we spent about half an hour doing triangle poses.

(If you don’t know what a triangle pose is, imagine doing a cartwheel, but freezing right before your feet leave the ground. It’s something like that. If you know what a triangle pose is, then please forgive me for just saying that.)

After class, we drove 3 hours to MINI of Peabody, where they fixed my car window.

Peabody is on the outskirts of Boston.

Peabody is pronounced Peebidee.

That’s all I know about Peabody.

(No, you thought it wrong again. It’s Peebidee, remember?)

After that, I met Nanette and Tony for dinner. They live in San Francisco in the same condo complex as me. I know Nanette because we go to the same yoga studio … Pretzel’s Yoga & Pilates.

Nanette and Tony also have a great place in the South End of Boston, and I met them there for a glass of wine before we walked over to a fabulous dinner at Legal Seafood. Legal Seafood has the reputation as the best place in Boston for seafood, and based on the crab cakes and the Atlantic salmon that I had, I have no qualms about spreading the word.

And Nanette and Tony were super nice hosts, so I’ll spread the word about that too.

The next morning Kettle and I went sightseeing. We did this in two ways:

1) We walked from Beacon Hill (fancy houses & shops) to the North End (Little Italy) and back.

2) We drove to random places because we missed the proper on or off ramps.

I can’t believe that I said that driving in Quebec was difficult. Compared to Boston, Quebec was like navigating a Drive-Thru.

I was using my iPhone GPS, and it worked like a charm. A bad luck charm. A voodoo doll that you stick needles in. Something that you don’t want anywhere near you. Something bad.

But Boston is great, and I’m glad I went.

And as an added bonus, I managed to find my way out.


A Beacon Hill sidewalk

A Beacon Hill 7-Eleven

A Beacon Hill Starbucks

An unregistered voter

Paul Revere's house - on left

If it was 235 years ago, Paul Revere would have been crying wolf.

Chocolate Gelato for hungry me

3 Responses to “Boston – Massachusetts”

  1. Joju Says:

    Hi Alex:

    Nanette told me about your adventures. Looks like a great plan!

    – Joju

  2. Bill L Says:

    Alex, that last photo is a little scary after all the talk about Kettle’s digestion.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Actually I thought the last photo perfectly exemplified the sort of treat you should have on road trips.

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