Auburn – Alabama

October 7, 2010

First, a quick update: I received email from Steve saying that I never smelled like a fish.

He also informed me, referring to our swim workout, that I did not swim like one either.

Anyway, back in Asheville, Kettle and I stayed in a bizarre downtown motel, where each room had a front wall that was almost entirely window. There was a shade, of course, but it was still a bit creepy.

The next morning we picked up Kate, then went for a drive and a hike.

The hike was really nice. Kate and I reminisced about the past, while Kettle lived in the moment.

It had rained recently, so while Kate and I were walking gingerly to avoid water and mud, Kettle was launching himself headlong through the soggy wilderness. At one point he sprinted ahead out of sight, then, after a few minutes with no sign of him, he suddenly came charging up from behind us. I don’t know how he did it, but he was quite pleased with himself.

After the hike we had a late lunch, followed by a long coffee. By the time I left, it was after 4pm. My destination was Auburn, Alabama – which meant driving across the corner of South Carolina, then through Georgia, then into Alabama.

And so, for the first time this trip, I drove through an entire state at night.

Sorry, Georgia. I hope to see you, better, next time.


Kettle brakes for a treat



Kate and Kettle: Happy Hikers

Asheville to Auburn


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