Pensacola – Florida

October 8, 2010

We’re going to New Orleans.

But getting to The Big Easy in one day would not be easy, so we went to Pensacola first.

Our two stops along the way were Auburn University and the Alabama State Capital in Montgomery.

Across the street from Auburn University, I had an early lunch at a BBQ place, where I ordered a “BBQ Salad” (lettuce with some sort of barbecued meat on top).

Outside the Alabama State Capital, Kettle pee’d on the Governor’s private parking space.

If anyone from Alabama ever reads this, you can let me know which of the above two things was more inappropriate.

So we were going to Pensacola for two reasons: the white sand beaches and, of course, the Wednesday evening “Happy Hour Yoga” class.

The Abhaya Yoga Center’s web site did not explain why the class was called “Happy Hour Yoga.” I was hoping that there was some sort of drinking involved. A long shot, I know, but every yoga class is different.

Alas, it was just a normal class. No open bar. No bar at all.

I guess it was was called “Happy Hour Yoga” because the other classes are 90 minutes, so people at this class can be happy it’s only an hour.

The next morning I took Kettle to the beach. We drove out over Pensacola Bay, across the Gulf Breeze peninsula, and onto the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

We played on the beautiful white sand beach.

For an hour.

And were happy.


I smell BBQ ...



Alabama Capital, with monument to the Confederacy



Segregate this.



A statue, with pet, in Pensacola.



First one's to the beach!



I can work with this.



I'll be over here.



Why aren't you doing this?



This was totally worth the drive.



You're welcome, Kettle.



Auburn to Pensacola


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