New Orleans – Louisiana

October 9, 2010

La Quinta Inn – downtown, near the French Quarter.

A room on the 8th Floor.

A dog that won’t go into elevators.

A good friend, Don, who was vacationing for the week in New Orleans, along with his wife, Melissa, and friends, Mike and Marnie.

A Hurricane and an Alligator Po-Boy.

An eye-opening walk down Bourbon Street.

Being scolded in a voo-doo shop for touching.

Another Hurricane in a really big glass.

A great Blues band.

A successful run at a Craps table at Harrah’s, plus free beer.

A midnight walk with a dog that approves neither of Bourbon Street nor of midnight walks nor of the intoxication that would cause his owner to think that a midnight walk down Bourbon Street with a 95 dog was a good idea.

A sound sleep.

An all-morning walk in and about the French Quarter.

Antique store window shopping.

Three beignets with a coffee.

A nice conversation with a couple from Ohio.

A quick stop at a a bayou next to the highway leading out of town.

20 excellent hours in New Orleans.


Marnie, Mike, Melissa, and Don.



My first time to Bourbon St.



Blues break



My second and Kettle's first time to Bourbon St.



Tourist shot.



Shot of tourists.



Beignet Buddies



Kettle, what a big mouth you have.



The Bayou. I think.

Pensacola to New Orleans


2 Responses to “New Orleans – Louisiana”

  1. Patty Hyde Says:

    So you’ve been to the famous Pat O’Briens for Hurricans! Joe and I could not walk after leaving there.

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